Bärlauch or wild garlic pesto is quick to make. Having pesto in the fridge helps you to just cook spaghetti and put pesto on top. But, if you do it right, we need a bit to make it perfect. Except Bärlauch, which cost you nothing if you are able to fetch it here in the damp parts of the Black Forrest, doesn’t cost much, but Pecorino is a bit expensiv same as Pine nuts and you have to choose a good olive oil (there is some good one, check the Internet test magazines).
What did I do wrong with the Pesto? First of all, I should have really cut the wild garlic much finer, try it with thin stripes with 2 centimeters. I was an idiot producing thick parts of Bärlauch, because the chef of a perfect restaurant here in St Blasien, Klosterhof – thank you for helping me out Biagio with your ‘Blitzkrieg’ icing machine – frozen it and I should have used it thinner.
Wild Garlic as Present

Wild Garlic as Present

Second: don’t keep exactly to the amount of olive oil and pine nuts. Depending on how much you wanted to taste the ‘nuttines’ of your pesto take more Pine nuts – if you HAVE to take Walnuts then so be it – I would say you can easily double the Pine nuts. And if you have a good olive oil, then when you pack it in glasses put the air out by adding olive oil to the top of the glass and close it. Did I forget something? Write to me if so otherwise email me how you like it. Oh, and smile: all the time when you make the Bärlauch pesto. I had no time for that nonsense.
Barbara's Spaghetti with Bärlauch Pesto

Barbara’s Spaghetti with Bärlauch Pesto

2020-04-30: Surprise, surprise: I got a picture from a friend of mine. She made herself spaghetti and put some of the wild garlic – Bärlauch – pesto on top. Thanks for the picture Barbara!