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Yellow Curry with Pork and ‘Kai Dao’ (หมูผัดผงกะหรี่กับไข่ดาว)

While we waited the last week or so to have the recipe evolving from The Chef, I had the chance to eat some food from this street kitchen. When I come now only near that street kitchen the lady who owns the kitchen asks me: ‘Nung, song?’ ‘No, today please Pad Thai Moo! หมูผัดไทย!’ And […]

Fine Dining!

It is late afternoon already! And my growling stomach reminds me that it is high time for dinner. Normally I have breakfast around 10:30am and then later around 5pm or 6pm it will be time for dinner. The problem with Paul for example is, at that time he had just breakfast! Or Sugar just eat […]

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