Yep. Everyone on this world has been knocked over by the virus, which has our planet in his tight grip. As we know it by now, it the Coronavirus started sometime between November and December. Now, after around 4 months in 2020, it has split all over the world (–> Coronavirus Data at Johns Hopkins University).

This website has been sleeping for around 3 years. And I had no idea what I should do with it. Because half of the reason I made it seems to be gone.

So here is the deal for a new start: I will try to bring selfmade videos to this Time to Taste site where I will cook or back things in addition.

One mor things: I will run through the old newsletters of this website and try to get a collection from family, friends and people who before got newsletters. If you are not OK with what I am doing, send me an email and I will delete your email addresse. Or send me any comment at this Time to Taste.

Stay healthy in this Corona times!