4:45 in the morning! Oh My God! So early. I even had the feeling that I could be to late at the Frankfurt Airport to be early enough at the gate for BA to fly to London City. OK – I was sitting at the gate at 6:00 am. What the hell!

When I arrived in London it was some 7:10 am local time. So I waited close to the flat of The Chef in a Pret-a-Manger with a cappuccino and a croissant while he made himself pretty – probably in front of a mirror.

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So we chatted a bit and then made us on our way to the local bank where we had to do some business. And half an hour later we leave the bank with 0% of the questions for the documents they want to have answered. Why? Because this was the first time we were sitting right in the front of an guy from the bank and not just talking on the phone to some whatsoever human being – who were friendly but not helpful at all. :: I’ll be back! ::

Barrafina London - Jamón Ibérico, 5 years old

Barrafina London – Jamón Ibérico, 5 Years Old

So, what to do? Let’s go then to get some real good food in Soho London. And, please – check – where all the people would go to: The Barrafina restaurant. Some years ago the Barrafina for it’s first Michelin Star. And since we have been before, we knew the food was great.

The normal food they have was Spanish tapas, just some small dish we could share and then just the next order would come already.

While The Chef was a regular guest here, just having some small tapas and a glass of cava, he was greeted with friendly smiles from the waiters, I was happy to finally set my foot in here again and could savour the food and and the cava rosé.

I have no idea how many tapas The Chef ordered. I left the selection to him and just enjoyed the time. Last time we were in here together was 1.5 years ago was with Christopher, and I tried to remember where we were sitting. Happy time that was!

Barrafina London - Carabineros Shrimps

Barrafina London – Denia Red Prawns

One of the best tapas we had was the Denia Red Prawns. This deep sea prawns have – sorry I have to say it so simple – the head full with some juicy gravy inside, their regular brain. So, you open the cocked prawns normally and the juice already will come out. And while you eat the body part, with its nice taste, you use the slightly toasted bread to dip the juicy gravy in your mouth. Yummy!

We spend some 2.5 hours there, the perfect tapas and two bottles of cava rosé. And then The Chef decided to bring me to another branch of this restaurant, also tapas, but the menu was slightly different.

The next 2 hours went perfect there with another bottle of the same cava rosé and just some fish and pork tapas.

Who ever reads this now and want to write a comment that we should not drink so much and not eat so much as well, should first know how LONG we had no chance to see each other – which makes this all fine already – and second, should go and have a perfect lunch or dinner with nice friends and savour the tapas and the drinks.

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