Raining, raining, raining. It’s getting colder at the end of February and it should be getting warmer. It’s soon spring time, hey! So, what to do on this rainy Saturday morning?

I decided to go first for breakfast – but where shall I go to – and then fetch my computer which I had left in the office because last evening I wanted to out for a drink and do not want to have my laptop with me.

Roseli Café & Bar

Roseli Café & Bar

‘Rossmarkt, please, on the back side, I will tell you were we go when we are there!’ While it rained all day long, getting a taxi is difficult: Going out of my apartment, I saw at least 4 taxis heading in the direction, and I thought I will not have any trouble to get one. But as soon I stood at a big crossing, no taxi was to see. Damn it! After some minutes I headed of to the next hotel where for sure I would find a taxi – and this second a taxi just came and stop beside me: ‘I thought you’ll need a taxi…’, the driver said. — Hmpfh!

At the cafe the taxi let me of, no seating was free. And, also a nice cafe with not a bad breakfast, the waiter who told me so, seemed not to be bother about. Why should he? This is Frankfurt! There are so many customers looking for a nice place in a cafe at this time, so why should I bother?

So I went a bit further, there was a cute and cosy cafe, which just had opened at 10am. And after a glance to the menu beside the door I want in.

The music was just a tiny bit too loud, but the song they were playing was nice – from the eighties and connected to the right memories for a quiet breakfast. And the waitress turned it down with no further question, when I asked her to.

Roseli Café & Bar

Roseli Café & Bar

I had Latte Macchiato, a regular Roseli’s breakfast and scrambled eggs with bacon and feta. And the waitress and me started to talk, because I had some questions and she answered without refraining from anything. She answered quite frankly and I realised that we both were thinking in the same direction about refugees and also gay people. While my breakfast arrived, we were just on a topic where I was thinking about the last week: How do gay guys live in Istanbul now? And especially after Erdogan is in power for many years now!

For me, this was a very good experience about a Turkish young woman who did not refrain to talk about anything and at the same time spoke my thoughts that I had on the tip of my tonuge.

And you are right, Melek, we do have great spots and people anywhere on this world. We are just not allowed to stop searching for them!

Thank you so much for that great breakfast, your perfect Latte Macchiato and our lively talk about some complex thoughts.

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